Advice on using multiple scheduling rows on a risk assessment

Multiple scheduling is designed for an experiment that continues over several occasions with the same teacher, in the same location, and with the same class, e.g. observation of seed germination and growth over days or weeks.

Don't use multiple scheduling rows when different classes or different teachers are doing the same experiment. Instead, use 'Create modifiable copy' and carry out a separate risk assessment for each experiment. The reason is that both the law and logic require that all 'relevant matters' be considered when carrying out a risk assessment and these may be different with different classes, locations or teachers. The 'relevant matters' that need to be considered for an experiment include the facilities available (e.g. fume cupboard), the behaviour of the class (a big factor!), students with allergies, students with special needs, teacher experience and skill, etc. These matters will often be different from class to class, teacher to teacher and for different locations. 'Create Modifiable Copy' is fast and efficient to use, as details are carried across from the original risk assessment, ready to be customised for all 'relevant matters'.